Nuestra Salud

An organization run by medical students devoted on empowering underserved communities through education regarding health, medicine and screening to prevent disease.



Helping Others

It is our privilege to help citizens that are in need. Through our donations, we try to match with the right candidate!


Salvador Arias


The winner of the wheel chair donation, is extremely happy knowing that he will donate it to a nursing home in Teuchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Dedicated on Health & Wellness

Nuestra Salud continues its mission of providing people with the knowledge of chronic diseases and the tools of preventive medicine to improve their quality of life!

About us

Blood Pressure

Maintaining a low blood pressure is essential for the health of our patients.


Diabetes can be controlled, we help participants by giving them essential tips that can ameliorate their lives.

Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's Disease

We provide a unique approach to help those in the community that are not exposed to essential physical activities.



Hours Of Support



A team working together can make a big difference


William Baumann

Director of Operations It has been a privilege to start Nuestra Salud in Reno and be able to expand it to Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. With the help of many donations and medical students as coordinators and volunteers we have been able to help Hispanic and underserved communities better understand their physical, mental, and nutritional health to ameliorate their well-being. We will continue to strive in every community that we are established. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and on what we have in plan for the future.


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