Reno, Nevada

Our events are funded through donations and volunteer work.

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A team working together can make a big difference


Karis Martinez

Volunteer Coordinator Having recently moved to Reno I was surprised and happy to see the large and growing Hispanic community as I am born and raised from south Texas border to Mexico. I want to bring help to the people of Reno that have welcomed me with open arms and establish guidance for those who may feel lost in the eduction of their health. For that reason, I have always been interested in Psychiatry so others can feel understood.

Diego Alcala

Treasurer I would like to bring awareness regarding the available healthcare resources to the Sparks/Reno community. Being able to help the underserved communities through medical education is a passion of mine. I am interested in cardiology or surgery, so one day I can serve my community.

Valeria Almeida

Media Coordinator My name is Valerie Almeida and I was born and raised in South Texas. I am a 3rd year medical student doing my rotations in Reno and am interested in specializing in anesthesiology after medical school. During my next 2 years of medical school, I want to be part of the growing community in Reno and help share my knowledge and expertise on health as I am learning and growing in different areas of medical health system. I hope in the next two years I can offer my services to bring impact on the community I’m growing to love in this city

Kessia Hernandez

Coordinator I'm a 4th year medical student, born and raised in Puerto Rico. Since I moved to Reno, I've been growing a love for the city and the nearby communities. My goal as a medical student and as a future physician is to provide accessible healthcare, education and guidance for everyone, especially for Hispanics, immigrants and underserved communities. As a medical student, I have seen first hand that many factors can influence a patient’s treatment outcome, be it political, economic or social. Therefore, I believe that education, diversity, respect, equity and decreasing barriers for the underserved communities are the key for a better healthcare and patient-care management.